26 Jul

Hallow dear reader, are you asking wandering how one can know whether they are ready for a relationship or not? Reading this post will reveal to you insights on how you can know whether you are ready to be in a relationship or not. read on and b inspired.

1. Are you ready to be accountable?

This is one of the vital ways of assessing if you are ready for a relationship. If you want to start some secret love relationship that only you and your partner know about, you are not ready for a relationship. This does not mean you should go about advertising your relationship to everyone you but there must be some kind of openness and accountability when starting up a relationship. If you are a lady and a man proposes to you ask him if is ready to make the relationship accountable e.g. to your pastor. If he shows signs of uneasiness, take cover he is after something else other than your heart.

 2. Could you be free and happy to introduce your partner to your ex or someone you had a crush on if need be?

This does not imply that you should look for your ex (i.e. someone you were in a relationship with) to ensure that you have moved on. No, it simply means that in the event of meeting him/her, could you be free and happy to introduce the new man/lady.

You say “No!” well, you are not ready. If you truly and honestly love the person you are with right now, you will not have mixed feelings as to whether you should introduce him/her to your ex or someone you used to admire. Failure to introduce your partner for unclear and unconvincing reasons implies that you still have hopes of getting things fixed with your former partner and thus introducing the new one may kill hopes and aspirations. You can not be in a relationship and still maintain hopes of getting back with someone you once dated or had a crush on. You are not ready.

You should however realise that you will always meet people who seem to be better than your current partner and they could be. But true love that is birthed from a mature heart appreciates people who come into our lives for who they are. Your partner may not be the only “fish” in the sea but he/she is the only type of that fish in the river. So are you ready to introduce him/her or are you still hoping the other person will miraculously come back into your life? If you have such hopes, sorry, you are not ready.

3. Will you be proud and satisfied with that relationship?

Will you be comparing your relationship with others’? it is okay to be inspired by another relationship that is making strides in achieving it’s objective but if others’ relationships makes you feel embarrassed and insecure about your own, then you may not be ready to be in that relationship. Remember the famous saying, “One bird in your hand is better than a thousand in the bush.”

4. Are you willing your time into that relationship?

A relationship is a responsibility that demands your attention on an almost every day basis. Think twice before you jump into a relationship or even before you continue in one because it will require your attention. Someone said, “Time is money.” So are you ready to invest it in your relationship. Are you too occupied to give quantity and quality time to your partner? You are not ready for a relationship. Quantity means giving enough and satisfying time to your partner. Quality means giving the best of yourself to your partner. You can’t just be staring at your partner like a zombie, add something positive to partner’s well being.

5. Are you able to use your time wisely?

Inasmuch as it is very vital to invest time in a relationship, it is also very important to examine how much of your time are you spending or ready to spend in a relationship. If a relationship is going to consume all your time, you are not ready for that relationship. If a relationship is going to demand all of your energy and time, it is not adding anything to your life. Remember, you are an individual relating or intending to relate with another individual, so a relationship should not infringe you of the blessing of individuality you have a person’s life to live apart from the attachment to other people. If you cannot use your time wisely in a relationship, you are not ready for it.

6. Are you ready to invest your money in a relationship?

Can you invest in your relationship financially? Remember, a relationship is a responsibility. If you are greedy with your money, if you cannot support your partner financially when need arises, if you are a person who just wants to receive financial support from your partner but are not willing to reciprocate, you are not ready for a relationship. Selfishness is reflected by one’s unwillingness to help another in need. If you are selfish, you can not be in a happy and fulfilling relationship. Some ladies have this wrong concept of wanting to always receive from their men but that is not right. As a lady, you can still give to your man. Treat him, take him out, and let him know that you are not after his pocket but you love him for a good and loving man. Yes, a man has the responsibility to provide financial support in a relationship but a lady must not take it for granted and just sit by waiting for the man to do everything monetary in a relationship.

7. Are you ready to protect your partner?

At times the integrity of your partner will be at stake. There may be rumours, destructive ones at that, about your partner. Are you ready to defend your partner? If you are one who easily believes negative unsubstantiated reports, you are not ready for a relationship. There are embarrassing and character assassinating rumours that spread like wild fire and your partner will need you to stand by and support him/her, especially if they are false but if you cannot support your partner in times of persecutions, you are not ready for a relationship.

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  1. Blessings Kafwanka

    July 26, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    This is a great piece of work Joseph. Very informative & inspiring. Thumbs up to Zondwayo. Great talent.


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