26 Jul

SEVENSYMPTOMS OF INFATUATION                         


What is infatuation? simply put, these are sudden strong feelings of attraction and love for someone resulting into a deep desire for intimate relationship with them.

  1. 1.  Impatience

An inability to wait is a symptom of infatuation. If you just want him/her under whatever circumstances then you are infatuated. If you can’t take time to build a long  and lasting relationship, if you cannot wait to jump into a relationship until you are sure of your decision, you are infatuated. They say, “True love waits.” So if you are really in love with that person, why can’t you wait for a while until you know and be sure they are the one?


  1. 2.  Selfishness

Just wanting things to go your way; caring less about the needs and desires of the other person; wanting to be understood and not willing to understand; wanting to get but withholding as much; getting emotionally offended when your partner disagrees with you then you are infatuated.


  1. 3.  Sudden Withdrawal

Infatuation presents a person as an angel of light, faultless and perfect but soon the real person appears and you tend to withdraw from him or her. You wonder what became of you to fall for them. All the chemistry that reacted in you over the person is neutralised and you feel no attraction or connection to that person. You are infatuated. A relationship that is birthed from the womb of infatuation never lasts. It usually has a hurtful end.


  1. 4.  Sexual Demands

Infatuation never respects the will of another person. In fact, a strong urge to have sex with the person whom you have just met is one of the major symptoms of infatuation. It comes from a strange attraction to the outward appearance of the person. In fact, infatuation is one of the signs that you could be under the control of the spirit of lust. When infatuated, you may have this want to have sex with the person and you will get very emotionally hurt if the person says no.


  1. 5.  Abnormal Jealousy

Jealousy is acceptable to a certain degree in a relationship but if your jealousy is uncontrollable, you are infatuated. If you can’t just stand seeing any other opposite sex talk you say you love, if you will always want to find out what they are talking about and why, you are infatuated. Look, when you met that person, you did not meet them on Mars but on Earth and they had friends and family, so you can’t come to break their friendships with other people. Unless out of concern of some destructive flaws in the people your partner calls friends, you can advise accordingly.

  1. 6.  Suspicion

If you are finding yourself suspicious of your partner’s ways all the time, you are under infatuation. True love trusts. If you cannot trust your partner and you are ever suspicious of them cheating on you or about to end the relationship for some unknown reasons, you are infatuated.

  1. 7.  Easily Taking Offense

If you easily get offended by some things your partner does, you are infatuated. You are trying to date a person who does not exist, a perfect person. True love does not easily offense but if you think you are always right, and never wrong, you are infatuated. In true love, you will always take responsibility of your wrongs and will seek to make peace with your partner.



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  1. marvis shirley phiri

    July 26, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    true dat…

    • zondwayo

      July 26, 2011 at 7:47 pm

      tjhanks shirley. hope the article has been helpful

    • zondwayo

      July 26, 2011 at 7:52 pm

      thanks. hope the article has been heplful


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