28 Jul

Sex is a matter of interest to many people. In our world today, we  with all kinds of ideas of what sex is or should be through different media. In the western world, there seem to be a revolution of knowledge and the practice of sex Negative and positive. However, talking about sex in the African culture have been viewed as a taboo for a long time. People cannot openly talk about their sexual challenges for fear of being labelled immoral and as a result, many have ventured on a secret search for answers to the questions they are battling with about sex and sadly, many have exposed themselves to harmful information about sex resulting into broken relationships.
The idea of sex as taught by a cross-section of the global community has caused so much harm to the human race. Sex, an act that  should, be done as an expression of one’s love to another has now been commercialized and little thought is given before one can carelessly engage in it in inappropriate ways. Vices such as pornography paints an erotic picture in one’s mind of pleasure that may never be attained as it has been well researched that porn movies are not meant to depict intimacy by the producers but they are produced for money. Whereas sex between two people in love  could be an enjoyable experience, sex as portrayed in porn movies and other sexually explicit media could be regrettably performed even by hardcore enemies.
Sex is the highest form of intimacy expression and it must be treated as sacred thing. Often, the cause of many broken relationship is unhealthy sex life of couples. Sadly, sexual misconduct of many people is now being embraced by the global community. Now there are debates all around the globe over sexual orientations. Sexual orientation describes a pattern of emotional, romantic, and or sexual attraction to a particular gender group Male or female, both or neither. Some people feel they were born with this attraction to members of the same-sex and so they are called Homosexual. Others feel they are attracted to both members of the same and opposite sex; they are called Bisexual. Still other are attracted only to members of the opposite sex and are called Hetrosexual. Some feel they are neither attracted to members of the same sex or opposite; they are called Asexual.
Most of the challenges people have with issues of sexuality have arisen from misunderstanding of sexual orientation and the dynamism that they bring in relationships. Dynamism in relationships refers to the fact that, not all relationships are the same and the levels of closeness differ with each kind of relationship. For example, the closeness between people in a business relationship differs from that of two people who are in courtship.
Similarly, it is generally considered as a sexual disorder to be attracted to members of same sex because even the law of nature shows us that same poles repel but opposite poles attract. Even the physical nature of male and female will show us that there is a huge difference between male and female. Males have externalized sex organs but females’ are internalized.
The challenge that the above mentioned sexual orientations bring is that of accommodating all of them so as not to discriminate any of them.
Sexual orientation should not conflict with ones gender. When this happens, it should be viewed as a disorder. The argument that is often used by those involved in such relationships is that that is how they were born. It shouldn’t be accepted that easily. For example, if a man has sex with his own daughter and claims that is how he was born can society easily accept that as a good reason for having sex with his own daughter? Of course it will not. Why? Because it is against the laws of nature A clear conscience will tell you that it is not right for one to have sexual relations with the same-sex but a corrupt and polluted one will find every reason to defend this abnormality.
Am I condemning people with homosexual orientations? NO but I am arguing for Mother Nature and morarity of humanity.
Whether my thoughts are right or wrong, it is left to your conscience to judge.
In my next post, I will continue with my discussion. God bless

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