29 Aug

One of the mejor reasons why people get into relationships is resexual attraction. Humans are sexual beings. But sex if not properly hundled has pottential to crush the heart. Many people expecially women, have been hurt and their hearts filled with feelings of betrayal because the prince charmy they thought a man they trusted was, just used them sexually and left them.

There is nothing so depressing for women as when they are used sexually and many have expressed this view strongly. Inspite of the diverstating consequences of sexual involvement before marriage in relationship, many have claimed it cements relationships but the truth of the matter is that sex outside marriage is the reasons of the rising statistics of devorce in our society today.

sex outside marriage does the followng:

  1. It weakens trust in a relationship.
  2. It is a seed for unfaithfulness in marriage
  3. It brings unneccesary worries such as the fear of pregnance and sexually transmitted diseases
  4. It deprives partners of self respect.

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Posted by on August 29, 2011 in relationships


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