attract your man NOW!

18 Oct

If you are going to attract the right kind of man in your life you must do some things that men are attracted to. Below are top seven ways to attract a good guy:

Wear clothes that fit you so well.

Men are attracted by what they see. If what they see is good, they will want to know why? Invest some good money in quality clothes from a good label. Stop this idea of wanting to always buy the cheapest clothes in town.

Put a smile on your beautiful face even if you think it is not please!

There is a magnet that pulls men when women smile. Men stay away from omen whose faces look like they have been washed pure lemon juice. Shows some brushed teeth and tame your tongue.

Smell good

Buy some good perfume and let its aroma advertise your presence.  Smelling bad is bad!

Know the hobbies of the man you like

Show interest in what interests the man you like. When you show interest in what interests the kind of man you want, he will enjoy being with you.

Don’t waste time with play boys

Play boys are guys that want to spend time with you but have no definite reason why? You don’t have anymore time to waste so don’t allow some funny boy to waste it on your behalf

Be positive about your looks

Even if you know that one of your ears is bigger than the other, don’t waste time wishing they were equal. Love your beautiful teeth and always expose them with a big smile. What you think about yourself is what people will see.

Praise men for little efforts.

Men love it when their efforts are recognised and appreciated. Men are put off by women that are always critical when they open their mouths.






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