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Many people today look at me and they admire my commitment to the lord. They ask me questions to most of which I have no answer. I have no answers because all that I am today is a total, complete and undeniable work of God’s grace over my life.

I was a messed up boy who grow up in the township of Matero in Lusaka Zambia; central Africa. I used to be a very rude boy, my mouth was vulgar and I delighted in being unruly other than following acceptable ways of life.

Because of wrong company, I found myself in taverns (bars) dancing to rumba music and sometimes there I would be, drawn to viewing what people then called blue movies. Secretly I spent hours at home cinemas watching movies with explicit sexual visuals but no one knew about it.

Yes I used to go to church just like you do. I was always at church every Sunday attending Sunday school and Monday I was in the cinema indulging my mind in eliciting viewership of X rated material. The impact of those movies was felt later after I completely surrendered my life to Jesus. Those horrible scenes played back in my mind like a rewind video. The pictures were so vivid even when I closed my eyes to worship the lord. It wasn’t easy to break free from the habit that had now got a better part of my life. On fire for Jesus, I still struggled to overcome the temptation of getting back to my old ways whenever an opportunity presented itself. It was rough and hard. It was never easy.

Day by day, a sense of guilt and shame permeated my soul. I felt I was not good enough to be loved by God. How could God love a boy so bound to the power of lust. Was there any reason for God to love me? In my mind I concluded there was none though I clearly saw in the Bible that God never judged me by the content of my pass but by the presence of his grace in the now. It was so amazing to me that even after coming from a powerful church service the compelling force of lust drew me to go back to my vomit until one day I said to myself, I am not going to spend time trying to figure out what’s wrong with me but I will now concentrate on what has been made right about me since I have given myself to Jesus. This was my turning point. This was my path way to freedom and this was my journey to the days of my deliverance from the powers of darkness.

See, were as when we humans go to buy products from the mall choose the best looking items e.g. the fresh fruits, God does the opposite when he looks around the world for someone he wants to use. He picks the messed up like you and I. But that doesn’t matter; God is able to pick you and me, clean us up and makes us into better people. He does not choose you because you are good. You do not have to be a  good person. You do not have to smart. You just need to come as messed up as you are and God is specialized at fixing damaged lives. He helped me overcome, he fixed me and, made me a pastor. Today I am free. Though the temptations come my way, I day by day trust the Lord that if he helped me not to indulge myself yesterday, he will help me today.

Believe me you don’t have to be good. You don’t have to fix yourself before you can return to God. Just the way you are, come to Jesus. Bring all your broken parts he will fix them for free. You don’t have to pay for your sins, Jesus did it for you already and all you need to do is come to him in all sincerity and ask him to do something about your life and if you do your life will never be the same.

Please feel free to send me an email if you need someone to talk to.

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My encounter with an atheist

Sometime early this year on a bus, I sat next to an English man who could have been in his early fifties of age. I offered to pay his bus fare but he strongly declined and advised me to help out a needier person than he and I could not insist anymore. The traffic flow was quiet slow and so instead of letting my mind wander about the nothings of this life, I decided to engage the white man in religious conversations. I asked the man whether he was a Christian and to my amazement, he thoughtlessly said no and told me he was an atheist.

I only read about it in books and heard people talk about it but there I was, face to face with a man who never believed in the existence of God. Deep inside I was wondering how such a seemly dignified man could not believe in the existence of God. I reacted by telling him how interesting it was to me that he chose to believe there is no God. That, the existence of a God is an illusion and he seemed comfortable with my sentiments. Later I asked him why he chose to be an atheist and he told me that all that the Christians talk about was nothing but a bunch of lies that only fools would believe. I then asked him what he thought of miracles and he told me he never believed they were true. So I gave him a personal testimony on how the God he never believed exists healed me of a strange rush on my body and what his take was. He responded indifferently saying it could have happened coincidentally but probably the healing could not be attributed to a God.  I then cited many other personal testimonies of the goodness of God and the testimonies of others and he simply still responded with an indifferent attitude.

As our conversation intensified, I asked him what he thought of good and evil. I explained to him that for ‘good’ to be seen as ‘good’ and ‘evil’ as ‘evil’ there must be a standard that should be used to determine good or evil. This logical thought got him thinking for seconds and he then told him he believed the determinant of good or bad is inherent in mankind; it happens naturally. I then asked him about what he knew about the law of CAUSE and EFFECT and he responded affirmatively that he knew something about it. The law of cause and effect simply put says “there is nothing that comes from nothing.” So all the good or evil that mankind can ever do should have a source. It just can’t happen. That provoked his mental faculty to think about his atheistic beliefs; whether they were truth or not. I continued to explain to him that there must be an origin of both good and evil and that God is the standard that determines what is good and evil.

I continued in my endeavour to help the helpless and deceived soul to realize that he was lost and needed to know the truth. I told him about hell and heaven. I gave him a benefit of doubt by agreeing with him that all this idea of the existence of a God, heaven and hell could be a lie but then I appealed to his thoughts by asking him what he could do if he discovered it is all true but too late to believe; burning in the fires of hell. He responded with his consistent indifferent attitude and told me he could do nothing about it.

Well my thoughtful explanation of the Christian faith to the man got him thinking hard. He finally told me he didn’t believe in the bible because the God of the old testament was too cruel to non Jews; he said the old testament God was wrathful and was so strict with the dos and don’ts and never gave man the freedom to live his life. Then he said something interesting, he said he was okay with the God of the New Testament because he depicted love and kindness. That got me interested because there was an atheist acknowledging a god. He assumed the God of the New Testament was different from that of the old testament. I responded by telling him that if I had a choice, I would have preferred to live in the days of the God of the Old testament because he just punished people for their sins physically but the one in the New Testament, promised to throw those that would not believe in him in the eternal fires of hell. I deliberately said this so that he could not use what he said as reason for not believing in God.

I could no longer continue with the discussion because I reached my destination and he was going further. I was so fulfilled that I had such a talk with a person professing atheism and I am hopeful that I planted the good seed of the truth that everyone should know- the existence of God.

I hope this narrative has inspired you to think through you belief about your existence of God; Whether to consolidate it or to join the English man who at that time seemed to be comfortable with being an atheist but later affirmed the existence of the existence of the god of the New Testament.

Psalm 14:1 says; “the fool says in his heart, ‘there is no God.’”


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